about the 'Manchester Televsion Network'

MTVN - Manchester Television Network - is a Free-To-Air TV service (Regional DTT), exclusively represented by United Television Networks which carries several TV channels via the Freeview platform in the Greater Manchester Area.

These unique channels are accessed through the Freeview programme guide (EPG) at the next available channel number in the relevant genre and are broadcast in standard definition. This is a linear, broadcast TV service - not an IP or on-demand service.

MTVN offers broadcasters a route to a 24 hour service on the Freeview television platform in the Greater Manchester Area. We offer channel; providers an option where traditional national Freeview broadcast may not be a suitable option for a variety of reasons, such as economic or localised distribution.


MTVN is an incubator opportunity to learn about the benefits of Freeview distribution in the UK at an economic price. 


MTVN has capacity for several 24/7 video streams.

Coverage is approximately 1 million households or around 2.5 million individual viewers.

Broadcast price per household is less than a fraction of a national multiplex.

Transmission facilities are on Arqiva's Winter Hill transmission site - the principal site used for terrestrial broadcast in the North West of England.

Manchester Television Network has recently invested substantial capital in a new antenna on the Winter Hill transmitter, which has been elevated to a higher position to increase and maximize coverage. As a result the transmitter power has been strengthened to ensure full depth of reception.

Manchester is an ethically diverse city, with strong local community networks whereby MTVN provides the opportunity to attract more viewers for your channel and increase advertising and sponsorship revenues.

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Source - Arqiva version 7.028 dated 5th July 2018.