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MTVN has capacity for six 24/7 video streams.

Coverage is approximately 1million households, or around 2.5 million individuals.


Broadcast price per household is less than a fraction of a national multiplex.


Transmission facilities are based at Arqiva’s Winter Hill site – the principal site used for terrestrial broadcast in the North West of England.

Entertainment Television Limited has recently invested tens of thousands of pounds on a new Antenna (pictured prior to installation), which has been mounted higher on the mast to increase coverage. Additionally the transmitter power has been increased, to improve coverage and reception.

Future development plans include a new transmitter, and the service will move to a lower frequency, reducing the risk of cross interference from other services - which will improve coverage further.

Attract more viewers to your channel and increase your advertising revenues.


The opportunity to tap into the local population in the Greater Manchester area of the UK.


Manchester is the most ethnically diverse locality in England.

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