MTVN Services

What We Offer

Six 24/7 video streams available on MTVN – currently leased to a mix of established blue chip channels broadcasting on other platforms, including Entertainment, Music, Teleshopping, Movies and Children’s content/channels. Channels can also day-part capacity, allowing for more than six services via timesharing.

Channels that would benefit from this form of distribution include Teleshopping, Music and General Entertainment, through to ethnically focused and niche channels.

Broadcasters do not need to be able to deliver content or a signal to Winter Hill – we can redistribute an existing signal from another broadcast platform, i.e. DSAT, Sky, DTT - or Canis can provide locally or remotely hosted playout, via our direct private contribution circuit to the site.

Capacity on MTVN can start as low as £6,000/month, the equivalent of £0.07 for each household in the coverage area per year - a fraction of the cost of launching on a national multiplex.

In addition to simple capacity provision, via sister company Canis Television & Media we can provide a wide range of services, including Ofcom licensing liaison, scheduling, playout, compliance, commercial sales and full channel management facilities, and opportunities to launch on other platforms including satellite and online.

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